So..It's Valentines Day

...and so, Happy Valentines Day!

Another year, another lonely though not so sad Valentines Day for me. Weird, eh? Lonely yet not a sad valentines.

Lonely -- Well, I think it's kind of obvious. Yeah! No lovelife! hahaha..sigh.. when will I meet that specially someone that will make my heart skip a beat and my knees melt.

Happy/Fun -- Yearly, our company celebrates valentines day for all employees; there's food, film showing and games. Everyone has their "Child Mode" ON every time we have an event. Everybody participates, there are no hard feelings -- just healthy competition.

To sum up my day, it was tiring, well, because I'm still working -- troubleshoot here and there, but then the day was worth it because it was F-U-N. ugh. I just remembered, it was the Friday 13th yesterday!!

Oh! I even bought a cake for the family..teehee
Happy Valentines Day Erleign-san !!!!! :)
I had a similar day at work as well...........