Woohoo!! Atlast! Got my first Collectors Edition!! The item is soo cool it comes with a school bag and the box even fits inside.

The Bag 😍

Shujin Academy Emblem on the bag:

The inside of the bag:

The Official Art Book:

CD Case/Steal Book:

Audio CD:

Items inside the box:


Front with freebie wallie 😉:
I gave the wallie to my cousin in Dubai–

Been playing the game for almost a month now but due to my busy schedule, I still havent gone that far huehuehue

Gackt is here! He's in the Philippines!!

Just saw it yesterday in his IG account!! *hyperventilating while posting*#talent #lol

And here's the updated one:

Here's the scary "something", I think:

hahahaha such weirdos!!

I am just so happy that he visited!! Not sure if it just for simple pleasure/vacay or work/business. I think he might come up with a new chroniclw like the Madagascar one. Coz based on his IG account, he seems to all over South East Asia.

What do you think?

diet break and holidays

medyo matagal din ako hindi nakapag post. its alright since they offered us a break due to the holiday season. ok lang kasi nga mag diet tapos madedeprieve ka sa pagkain ng food ng bisperas edi parang nag yo-yo ka ng wagas kya keri lang sa break then resume n lng ulit ng january. starting up will be difficult again but atleast there will be no breaks ang i will be able to complete monitor my weight and concentrate on the diet. ;)

for now, let us all enjoy the holiday season!!!!

merry xmas and happy new year!

FB Translation still very disappointing

the subject says it all!

i found a post in FB which is in Nihongo and since my account FB is set to English it offers a translation. And to my dismay.. the translation is totally different from the real meaning!! I was laughing out loud when I read it! haha Well, theyve done a lot of updates but still havent smoothed out the translation thingies ...and other stuff

Licensed Manga: Yaoi

Per ANN, SuBLime has licensed 3 Yaoi series and will be released next year; namely:

For more details, you make read the article from ANN by clicking on the link below:

Viz's SuBLime Adds Ten Count, Midnight Stranger, Don't Be Cruel Manga

Blessings and Challenges

*RL - Real Life just in case some of you are curious past few months I have been soooo bored with what I am doing and was wishing if I could have more things to do: more request in terms of RL work, more books to read--of course that includes manga, more movies and animes to watch, more exciting games to play -- well, Im an RPG-type of player so I am really picky when it comes to games --,etc.. So, comes May, I got accepted into a manga scanlation group and they gave me a 60+ page for my first project, the other group where I only do some admin work released a new chapter from an on-ongoing manga project and in just a matter of seconds after they've announced it, my Inbox got swarmed of email requests, my RL work got tons of updates too and lots of them are requesting for support...for god's sake!!! all of the information that they need are available in the link we have provided..why dont they fuckin read!! -- whew! that was nice --. Until now, my RL work is a bit my new project in the scanlation group is already suuuuuupppppppppppeeeerrr overdue and its only freakin 35 page one-shot! Now, the other group released, yet another manga update -- and yes, my Inbox is swarming with requests again...on top of that I am playing a new RPG and I can't even concentrate! Crazy!

It may seem that I am complaining with all of this stuff but honestly, I treat them as blessings. More blessings where I can hone and enhance my skills in a form of Challenges and difficulties.

You will really never know what life may throw at you.

Lady Gaga performs Sound of Music medley

This years Oscars gave us not just the best movies but also the best performance there is!

We have the opening number by no other that THE Neil Patrick Harris (oohh.. I love him so much!) with Anna Kendrick, Adam Levine who performed Lost Stars from the movie Begin again and the very touching performance by John Legend and Common who also bagged the Best Original Song award for 2015. Of course, how can we forget Lady Gaga's magnificent performance. She is now the talk of the town. Lady Gag performed a medley for the 50th anniversary of the all-time favorite movie, The Sound of Music...and she totally nailed it!

Here's the link of her performance I found over the net:

Credits to: Oscars 2015 Youtube channel

So..It's Valentines Day

...and so, Happy Valentines Day!

Another year, another lonely though not so sad Valentines Day for me. Weird, eh? Lonely yet not a sad valentines.

Lonely -- Well, I think it's kind of obvious. Yeah! No lovelife! hahaha..sigh.. when will I meet that specially someone that will make my heart skip a beat and my knees melt.

Happy/Fun -- Yearly, our company celebrates valentines day for all employees; there's food, film showing and games. Everyone has their "Child Mode" ON every time we have an event. Everybody participates, there are no hard feelings -- just healthy competition.

To sum up my day, it was tiring, well, because I'm still working -- troubleshoot here and there, but then the day was worth it because it was F-U-N. ugh. I just remembered, it was the Friday 13th yesterday!!

Oh! I even bought a cake for the family..teehee