Blessings and Challenges

*RL - Real Life just in case some of you are curious past few months I have been soooo bored with what I am doing and was wishing if I could have more things to do: more request in terms of RL work, more books to read--of course that includes manga, more movies and animes to watch, more exciting games to play -- well, Im an RPG-type of player so I am really picky when it comes to games --,etc.. So, comes May, I got accepted into a manga scanlation group and they gave me a 60+ page for my first project, the other group where I only do some admin work released a new chapter from an on-ongoing manga project and in just a matter of seconds after they've announced it, my Inbox got swarmed of email requests, my RL work got tons of updates too and lots of them are requesting for support...for god's sake!!! all of the information that they need are available in the link we have provided..why dont they fuckin read!! -- whew! that was nice --. Until now, my RL work is a bit my new project in the scanlation group is already suuuuuupppppppppppeeeerrr overdue and its only freakin 35 page one-shot! Now, the other group released, yet another manga update -- and yes, my Inbox is swarming with requests again...on top of that I am playing a new RPG and I can't even concentrate! Crazy!

It may seem that I am complaining with all of this stuff but honestly, I treat them as blessings. More blessings where I can hone and enhance my skills in a form of Challenges and difficulties.

You will really never know what life may throw at you.